Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

It's been raining pretty much since yesterday. Our rain gauge is broken, so I'm not sure how many inches exactly, but it was enough to send the water over the bridge by a foot or more, and enough to move a small boulder into the branch where the county road crosses the creek so that we can't get past, and enough to position a sand bar in the middle of where the branch crosses our driveway so that the car can't get past. Now, if the rain would just stop, Zack could get out there with the tractor and see about moving some of those obstacles, but the water over the bridge is going to be a problem for a couple more days from the look of the forecast. They are predicting still yet a couple more inches through tomorrow.

Yesterday before the rain got good and started, my new neighbor, Carla, came to help me with a little rock project. We stacked rocks in front of the pier on my porch that is washing out. Hopefully, this will catch any silt and small rocks passing it as it washes down toward the creek and build up underneath the pier again. Garrison made some really nice rock steps going up the hill on the other side of the house, but it hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to get out there and take a picture yet since he finished.

The new picture on my title of this blog is a pawpaw flower, with a baby pawpaw in tow. Every year lately, there haven't been much fruit. But this year looks promising, so maybe I can get a few before the coons and possums do.


flowerweaver said...

Love the Paw Paw flower photo. Rock work looks good, too. Wish you could send some of your rain here. Our well is beginning to suck air and the demands of summer watering aren't yet here, although early this week it was a searing 110 degrees! Glad to see you posting again!

Joyce Paski said...

Hi, Roxann -- what's happening? Has the rain stopped long enough for you to fix the damage by your house piers? BTW, I love that paw paw flower. I've never eaten a paw paw, but a woman I once worked with said they taste like bananas and that you have to wait to pick them till after a hard freeze to get ones that taste good.

Roxann said...

Hi Joyce,

Right now I'm away on business in the northeast. Yesterday we put our toes in Lake Erie, and today we put our toes in Lake Ontario. LOL. That's not the business agenda, but I was able to bring my son and mother along with me on this trip, so we took a little detour to the lakefront.

The rain stopped for a week before we left, but I hear it is raining again back home. The one little rock wall we did get built seems to have helped a lot already, so I'll work on the rest of them later on.

I think the pawpaws taste like a cross between mangoes and bananna...interesting, but not something I clamor for, like wild raspberries or home-grown peaches. Usually the coons get them before the people can find them, I think.

Thanks for visiting and being interested in my blog!