Friday, April 17, 2009

Sounds of Spring

I know spring is here now because last night I heard the first whippoorwill. Since we've moved here I've worn earplugs to sleep because they are so loud it keeps me up all night. But the good thing is that in my new house, I can't hear them. Now I have to sit on the porch to listen and then I can go inside to blissful quiet.


Joyce Paski said...

I used to love listening to whipporwills in the evening. They have been gone from this part of Wisconsin for a long, long time now. You are so lucky to have them!

Anonymous said...

When someone mentions whipporwills, I'm always moved to play some Hank Williams music.

I'm glad you are posting again.

flowerweaver said...

Last night we heard our Chuck Wills Widow (often mistaken for, and related to the Whipporwill).

I assisted on wildflower ID for a birding tour yesterday. The guide had 1500 bird calls on his IPod and I learned the loud bird with the annoying night song that kept us up last year was a Yellow Chat.

Good to read your post again.

Roxann said...

I love listening to them - until I'm ready to sleep. And I am just assuming that they are actually whipporwills - that's what everyone calls them around here, and that's the song they sing, but I've only actually seen one close-up and it was a brief glimpse. I didn't know there were other birds with night songs that might sound like them. There are sooooo many of them here that they can get quite loud. I think they need dirt roads and that might explain why they have disappeared from some locations. They spend a lot of time courting on the dirt roads; I see them on my way out to work right before dawn. Ha, Bob, now Hank Williams will always come to mind when I hear the first one, too.

Judy said...

LOL - Wait til all the frogs come out. It'll be SO loud outside you can't hear anything else!

Judy (in OK)