Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nothing much

I don't really have anything to blog about tonight, just wanted to swap out my title picture for the aster one I took a few years ago. Just found it recently, hiding among some other files where it didn't belong.

There have been a few more signs that Spring is not far away. The roosters have started crowing regularly again, and sparring among each other. They're trying to establish dominance to see who gets to escort the main group of hens around. The battle was between the barred rock and the golden-laced wyandotte. The barred rock won and now the wyandotte has to settle for a few of the less desirable hens, I guess. I'm not sure what criteria roosters use to judge the girls, but maybe the ones who lay the most eggs are most desired.

The hens have started laying again. That was the other sign that Spring is near. Oh, and the skunks have been coming out of the woodworks, another signal.


Anonymous said...

The other rooster should drive a flashier car to improve his chances

flowerweaver said...

My roosters never stop crowing. We are having the sparring, too. Farmer Rick needs to get back to building rooster apartments and breeding pens soon!

NitWit1 said...

Yikes on the skunks! Living in a small town, the skunks rarely make an appearance in the population. when they do, especially in daytime, we assume rabies.

Hope Luckie doesn't encounter one.

I've seen some signs of spring, but the forsynthia has not bloomed. Is buds may have been frozen.

Roxann said...

Anony: Haha, I don't think that's the criteria the girls use to judge the roosters...

Flowerweaver: I think mine do stop crowing, although I wasn't really paying attention until I heard them do it again recently. So happy to have fresh eggs again! Do you keep your breeds separate so you can sell or show them?

NitWit1: Skunks are very abundant here. A peculiar thing about them is that they like their own driveways and if I get behind one on the dirt road, I have to follow (way behind) for a loooong ways before they finally get off the road at their house. They won't just hop in the weeds to let me pass, lol.

Forsythia isnt' blooming here either, but the elderberry is getting ready to pop leaves.

Exmoorjane said...

huge thanks for your comment on mine. ah, I'm coming round to the idea of chickens. my son looked after our neighbours' while they were away and having fresh free eggs was fab. jx