Monday, June 29, 2009

I thought you might like to see how Comanche has grown - and Gab and Snip, lol. When Garrison gets back from visiting his dad in Louisiana, I'll post a new one of him, too. The next time Zack fires up the barbeque, I'll get a pic of him. He's a great grill cook; coincidence that his last name is Cook?
The white duck is 'Duckie' and he was very lonely when he was a hatchling. So I went to the feed store to get him a friend, but they would only sell me at least 6 birds. The ducks were expensive, so I only bought a couple of those and a few chicks. He adopted the chick babies like they were his very own kin, even encouraging them to go swimming. Unfortunately, one drowned, but he still has 2 chick babies and 2 duck babies. They all sleep and forage together. The chicks don't know they're chickens, but one of them is beginning to get the inkling that he may belong over in the other crowd. He's started to hang out with them more than his duck family lately. The other one still has no clue.
The black cat is Lynx. He's a very lazy tom cat who never needs to defend himself from other toms because the dogs protect him, too. He's fooled Badger, the great pyr into thinking he's one of his wards. Sometimes he sleeps on top of Badger and massages his head. I guess the old adage 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' holds true even between cats and dogs.

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