Monday, February 16, 2009

Louisiana Visit

Almost since the power was restored, I've been on a business trip down to Louisiana. It's incredible how much difference in climate there is between here and there. Temps were in the upper 60's there and barely above freezing here. But overcast and rainy at both spots.

It was nice to visit friends and family for a little while, but time was much too short for more than drop-in-and-say-hello kinds of visits. I put a few more personal miles than I intended on the company truck, so I hope I don't have to pay them back or otherwise be punished for them. And the trip has lasted a few days longer than I originally planned. I thought I'd be home by Saturday night, and here it is Monday night and I'm back in Shreveport. Traveling for work is fun, but it's getting kind of stressful knowing that my work back at the lab is just piling up because no one else is trained to do it yet. Not only that, I am scheduled to be off this Friday and I hope they didn't forget that, because I cannot reschedule that day off. Someone is coming down for an herb-walk/ginseng-workshop and it's been planned for a while now.

I tried to take some pictures today while on the road, but unless I am very very good, it's unlikely that any of them will be good. It's hard to photograph things out the window of the truck while going 70mph down the interstate, haha. We'll see. When I download them if anything is even remotely recognizeable (not sure about that spelling, but spell-check didn't underline it), I'll post it.


Anonymous said...

'so, did you take pictures on the herb/ginseng walk? ...bobford

Gabrielle said...

I just found your blog. It is very nice. Read about your visit to Louisiana. We love Arkansas and the Ozarks. I am following your blog.

Evelyn said...

Don't worry, soon enough global warming will help you out. The climate stabalzing ocean will get closer to you. When I bought my farm, I nixed any coast state, because of the money that will be spent trying to defend the current coast lines. I so seriously considered Arkansas, but I just couldn't call Bill Clinton's state home. So, instead I went to Missouri.