Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Little Publicity

Last Saturday my picture was in the paper, along with an article written by Mark Minton, a reporter from the Arkansas Democratic Gazette. The article wasn't about me, it was about ginseng, but my name was used along with the picture. Since then, we've been getting a lot of phone calls and inquiries about ginseng. I hope anyone who is interested but wonders how to get in touch with me will just try to google my name - it will send folks right to my websites and blog. Some people just went straight to my little home town to try and find out how to get in touch, lol. The girls at the Cafe have been helpful in directing at least one inquirer :) So the ginseng business is getting off to a good start this year. Now I just need to plant a lot more! If you're interested in getting some, there are still plants to reserve. They can't be shipped or picked up until September, though I am taking orders. Just send me an email: roxann at ozarkginseng dot com. If you want to read the article, the title words on this post should be a link. But just in case it doesn't show up that way on your computer, here's the URL:

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