Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today Gary helped me gather horse manure. We applied it to the row I tilled yesterday - and it's actually 115'. I know because we measured it today...seems my estimating was a little off, lol. On that first row will be a 3-sisters planting every 3 feet. So that will 38 hills with 3 corn stalks each... so, 114 plants with hopefully more than one ear each. I sure hope the horses, deer, coons, and bears cooperate to let me have some corn this year! We will get the fence up before I plant anything, or I can guarantee nothing will survive.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty row, and lovely dirt, for your part of the country!It should grow good stuff!
I am working on mine now too.
Just a friendly note from past expereince, that many 3 sisters will yeild way too many squash for most folks, and still maybe not enough corn. Might want to just plant the ends in just corn.
Depends on what you want and how you plant it, but I always ending up wishing for more corn!
Going to try "Got To Have It" sweet hybrid from Gurneys seed
this year, it's supposed to be the best!
LOL, Farmer Steve

Roxann said...

hmmmm. I hadn't thought about the too many squash thing. the main reason for the squash is to see if it helps keep the critters out of the corn. but i am sure i will wish i had more if i get any at all! the chickens love to eat leftover squash, though i might plant cucumbers among the corn since i think you're very right about the amount of squash that long row will yeild. the ends in just corn sounds like a good solution, though - it would give me a better block planting and help with pollination, don't you think? i'll have to redraw my plans, LOL!

oh, and what does the dirt look like in your part of the country? usually the ground is full of rocks here, but this particular spot has some fairly deep soil. just too much sand and not enough organic, needs lots of compost (which I don't have).