Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wild and wild-simulated Ginseng sold for $805/lb last weekend! For those of you who would like to learn how to plant ginseng (wild-simulated) in your own woods, I'm planning a workshop out here at our property. Hunting season has interfered with the November planning. I believe it is no longer gun season on Dec. 1, though, and that's the date I'm aiming for now.

Cost will be $25/person. All materials needed will be supplied, but we'll have to take turns with the rakes and seeder. If you have a garden rake you'd like to bring, you're welcome to do so. I'll buy a few more if enough people register to warrant doing so.

Some things to keep in mind. It's a fairly good/hard hike out to the planting/growing site, so wear appropriate shoes. The hike itself is short, but it's steep until we reach the location. Bring a bag lunch and water, and make sure to bring a sack to pack out your trash. Smoking is allowed if you pack out your butts (a friend of mine who smokes has a cute little case that looks like a pocket watch, made just for this. A foil bag will work if you don't have the little gadget, though). Tick season is pretty much over, but if you're very sensitive to insect bites, make sure to bring spray. The ticks can be awful when a warm spell happens.

I have dogs, but will tie them before leaving the house, so dogs are welcome if you don't mind tying them at the horse trailer or your vehicle while we're in the woods.

The ginseng seedlings for 2008 will be ready for sale beginning in April until it gets too hot to safely transplant them. If you pick them up at the farmer's market, bare-root seedlings are $2/ea for quantities <50. For 50 or more they are $1/ea. If you will want more than a few, it is a good idea to book them now because that way I can make sure to plant enough. They always sell out by the time it gets hot.


Roxann said...

Next weekend the buyers are scheduled to pay $825/lb for dried wild ginseng roots here in Kingston.

Roxann said...

this is just a test. i want to see if the whole comment will be sent to me in an email, or will only the first part of a sentence or phrase will be sent. i'm just wondering what exactly a person recieves when a comment is posted on their comment.

~Dreamseeds~ said...

So when we getting together my herbal friend:)
I am so proud of you for working on a class to the public. I have a flyer and darnit! I am commited to another organic gardening class at the same time.

See you soon I hope.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Great blog! I wish I could come over and do a herb walk or Ginseng workshop with you, but alas, distance prevents it. I tried starting Ginseng once, but alas, the seedlings shriveled up from lack of shading.