Thursday, March 29, 2007

it was 30*F again this morning here. i'm starting all of my seeds over again. the peaches and pears won't make this year i'm sure and the tomatoes i had set out are mush. it's going to be a late garden, that's for sure. oh, and the strawberries probably won't make either- frost got the flowers last week and again this morning :(

i went to get my little horse to bring him home yesterday. comanche is the shyest horse in the bunch. almost took a rodeo to catch him yesterday, had to make gary and kids all leave because they were making matters worse and it was making me irritated, too. after they left i got the halter on him halfway, but it was enough to catch him. it was hard because the other two fillies and the pregnant mare wouldn't leave us alone and i couldn't get him separated. once caught he was VERY well behaved, leads wonderfully. had to slow him down a few times because i like him to walk either right beside or right behind but not in front. i can't wait to work more with him, he learns quickly and without much effort :) i was really impressed with how trusting he is, like how he went through the water and past the big scarey things, even though he was afraid, he did it for me without a lot of prompting. gosh, i love that horse already. but he looks TERRIBLE - very wooly and skinny. lots of work to do there ;)

we put the biddies outside last night for the first time. it was a little chilly, but they were in a doghouse stuffed with hay inside the root cellar with the other chickens. for now, our chickens are roosting in the old root cellar. haha, one day i will put a new roof on it (right now there is only a few sheets of tin to keep the rain off the roosting chickens) and install a real gravel floor and ferrocement roof with air drainage. then i will use it like a root cellar is SUPPOSED to be used, to store fruit and veggies from the garden - NOT as a chicken house!

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